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About Elemi International Schools Publisher

We are an independent publishing company set up to serve the needs of international school students and teachers in English-medium IB and British curriculum schools.  We put these needs at the heart of our custom-made resources.  

Why use resources published by Elemi?

  • We only develop resources for international schools,  so internationally-relevant examples or images are used throughout.  

  • All our resources are carefully written in English that can be understood by all students – ensuring those whose home language is not English can achieve their very best in English-medium assessments.

  • All our resources are developed with international students’ needs in mind.  To make sure we get this right, we invest a lot in research: we talk to teachers, we ask questions of teachers, and we actively listen to all teacher and student feedback.  

  • As a small independent publisher, we can respond to the specific problems you face that the bigger publishers frequently overlook.  We can work more quickly to make sure our resources are ready when you need them.  

  • We select our authors because they are good classroom practitioners who understand the challenges international students face in their studies.  

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