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We Protect Your Privacy....

Privacy and Data Protection

We will never share your personal data with other parties without your explicit prior consent. We will never sell your personal data to third parties.  


We will not solicit or hold the personal details of any party whom we believe would not have a legitimate professional interest in our educational resources.


We may pass your data to service providers involved in the delivery of our products to you, following your order placement.  In this case, we would disclose only the minimum personal data required to process the order (if any).  All service providers engaged by Elemi as part of the delivery process will be bound by contractual non-disclosure agreements in order to protect your personal details.


We will maintain your personal data on our secure information systems and will conduct periodic reviews to confirm our continuing legitimacy to hold your details.  In the event we decide we are not entitled to keep your data, we will hold your data in secure archived form for as a long as necessary for legal compliance, taxation purposes, claims, product returns, etc.


Elemi will securely delete all personal data we no longer have a legitimate right or business purpose to hold.

GDPR Compliance (EU)

For customers resident in the EU, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply.   


You have legal rights under the GDPR with respect to your personal data held or processed by Elemi International Schools Publisher, as follows:-


  • Rights of access to your personal details held on our systems

  • Information on how your information is stored and processed

  • Right to correct or update your personal data

  • Right to have your personal data erased (under certain circumstances)

  • Right to object to and restrict the processing of your personal data

  • Right to raise complaints on how we are storing and handling your personal data to the appointed Information Commissioner

For any Privacy or Information Compliance questions, information requests or comments, please contact us.

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