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'Definitely a vocabulary book to buy'

IBDP French teacher, Bucharest

'... provides a really worthwhile and helpful resource for teachers who want to give their pupils a foundation of vocabulary related to the various themes and topics of the French B syllabus.  It would be an excellent revision tool for pupils to own independently.  The vocabulary selected is highly relevant and up-to-date.'

Amazon reviewer (verified purchase)

'An extremely useful vocabulary list.  I would have thought students (and their teachers) would find this an extremely useful aid, both for general day-to-day use and exam revision ... Recommended!'.

Steve Smith French blog 

'We have had excellent feedback from our students on the A-Z for French B vocabulary book'

IBDP French teacher, UK

'This book can be another useful tool for the learners.  I just filled out the order for next year!'

IBDP French teacher, Budapest

'Many students come to the IB Diploma from different systems and curricula; the glossary would definitely make the transition easier and less stressful.  I think colleagues like me will find the glossary very helpful.  I like the fact that it has all the terms in one place'

IDBP Maths teacher, Dwight School, Dubai