Part of an A-Z series to provide students with a subject-specific glossary to support them throughout their IB Diploma study, this A-Z for Maths: Applications and Interpretation specifically offers help with:


  • learning and engaging with essential Maths terminology and notation
  • understanding command term language in Maths
  • preparing their written work in Maths, particularly as part of the internal assessment.



  • More than 1200 entries of vocabulary specific to students’ study of IB Diploma Maths: Applications and Interpretation.
  • Entirely focused on the needs of the IBDP curriculum, students learn and engage with mathematical terminology within the context of IB and its requirements.
  • Definitions are written in clear English so that it is easy to use by students working independently – a useful reference when a teacher is not available.
  • Suitable for both SL and HL students, with clear signposting of terms which are appropriate at HL study only.
  • Ideal for students whose home language is not English but who are studying for their Diploma in an English-medium environment.

A to Z Maths

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