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Part of an A-Z for IB Diploma series to provide students with carefully curated vocabulary and phrases in topic-by-topic lists. A-Z for Italian supports both IB Diploma AB and B levels, with vocabulary and language labelled by level.


Offers learners help with:


  • learning and engaging with relevant vocabulary and language in topic-by-topic lists
  • developing writing in a variety of text types
  • supporting speaking skills, particularly oral presentations and discussions as part of the internal assessment




Essential vocabulary and key phrases organized in topics to reflect the five prescribed themes of the IB Diploma

  • Identities
  • Experiences
  • Human ingenuity
  • Social organization
  • Sharing the planet
  • Useful words
  • including greetings; figures and numbers; expressions of time; expressions of quantity; place indicators; colours, patterns, shapes, materials; and parts of the body
  • valuable tips for the oral exam
  • essential guidance for the written exam


Vocabulary and phrases labelled at Italian AB and/or Italian B level – allows Italian B learners to revise/refresh more basic vocabulary whilst also challenging their language knowledge at a more advanced level.


Provides a useful reference to help students express their own ideas and opinions in written and spoken Italian.


Offers a range of appropriate vocabulary and key phrases to develop students’ interactive skills and help them maintain a conversation.


Suitable for both HL and SL students, with more complex language clearly highlighted as appropriate for HL.

A-Z for Italian AB

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