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Part of an A-Z series to provide students with a subject-specific glossary and companion to support them throughout their IB Diploma study, this A-Z for TOK specifically offers help with:


  • learning and engaging with academic language, concepts, and ideas of the Theory of Knowledge course.
  • developing extended writing within the context of TOK and with specific reference to preparing and writing the essay for assessment.
  • supporting the process and skills required for the exhibition as part of the internal assessment.



  • More than 1000 of key academic language and phrases relevant to the TOK course.
  • Clear explanations to help unpack the complex concepts of TOK.
  • Practical guidance including planning templates, checklists, and useful phrases to help with preparing and writing the essay.
  • Accesible advice including exemplar sections and sample teacher feedback for completing the exhibition.
  • 'Frequently Asked Questions' sections to help students achieve their best.
  • Guidance to help develop independence and build confidence, particularily where English is not the home language.

A-Z for TOK

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