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Part of an A-Z for IGCSE series to provide students with carefully curated vocabulary and phrases in topic-by-topic lists. A-Z for IGCSE French specifically offers learners help with: 


  • learning up-to-date, appropriate vocabulary and language in topic-by-topic lists
  • engaging and working with key vocabulary and phrases through practical, fun practice activities for a range of abilities. (Answers available as a free download on the Elemi website.) 
  • help with improving overall fluency in written and spoken French
  • boosting the transfer of language between topics by using model phrases which focus on relevant grammatical and language features.




Essential vocabulary and key phrases organized by topic to reflect the five themes of the Cambridge IGCSE specification and help for students to achieve their best in the exams:

  • Personal and social life
  • Everyday activities
  • The world around us
  • The world of work
  • The international world
  • Useful words

- including greetings; figures and numbers; expressions of quantity; expressions of time; people and places; colours, patterns, shapes, materials; and parts of the body

- valuable tips for the oral exam (both roleplay and conversation)

- valuable tips for the written exam.


Entirely focused on the needs of the IGCSE learner, students of different levels of ability learn and engage with current topical vocabulary.


Practical, fun practice activities for each sub-topic encourage learners of all abilities to engage with and practise key vocabulary.


Suitable for a variety of ability levels, with more complex language clearly highlighted as more appropriate for those aiming for higher grades.


Provides a useful reference to help students express their own responses in written and spoken French.

IGCSE French

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